The Verival fact check: Gluten-free porridge

Our Verival community asked why our new Strawberry & Chia Porridge is gluten-free, as all porridge is supposedly gluten-free anyway. To answer that question we've put together this special blog post to briefly explain the differences in the production processes for gluten-free and conventional prod by Sara Stroj


# Porridge is always gluten-free




No, unfortunately not. In order to be gluten-free certified there is far more required than just to use gluten-free ingredients. Before we can even start producing our gluten-free Strawberry-Chia Porridge, a number of steps have to be completed:


  1. First the seed is checked to ensure that it contains gluten-free cereals only, and a suitable field is selected for cultivation of the crop. It is important that the preceding crop was not a gluten-containing cereal, and that the fields were ploughed in the interim.
  2. While the plants are growing, the field is inspected several times to remove any gluten-containing cereal plants that have slipped through the net.
  3. Prior to harvesting it is important that the combine harvesters are cleaned very thoroughly.
  4. There are also lots of factors to consider with regard to storage of the harvested oats: the logistics department has to ensure that the gluten-free oats are only transported from the field in pre-washed trailers, and that special containers are used for storage to rule out the possibility of subsequent cross-contamination during transport.
  5. A pre-washed forklift is used to load the containers onto a pre-cleaned HGV.
  6. At the processing facility, it is important to ensure that the oats enter via an intake reserved exclusively for gluten-free cereals. Likewise, the oats may only be processed on a dedicated gluten-free line.


Finally, before the actual gluten-free porridge can be produced at our plant, we have to carry out an extensive deep clean to remove any traces of gluten to really ensure that our breakfast friends with celiac disease can enjoy our gluten-free porridge and muesli. This step takes about another 2-3 hours.


These special process steps are similar for all our certified gluten-free products: Strawberry-Chia PorridgeMuesli with Coconut and Apricots, Cranberry Cherry Muesli, Sweet Cornflakes, Unsweetened Cornflakes and Good Morning Organic Energy Mix. Our conventional breakfast products require no special treatment of this kind.



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