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The future looks bright with Verival heritage grains!
Today we're presenting you short portraits of the different heritage grains used in our mueslis. Find out more about emmer wheat, rye, spelt, yellow oats, einkorn wheat and our very own Verival wheat.

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The Verival fact check:
freeze-dried berries
If you've already tried our berry mueslis, you'll know that we nearly always use freeze-dried berries. But what does freeze-dried actually mean? Today we bring you the facts!

Top 3 Reasons for Overnight Oats + 1 Very Berry Recipe
Overnight Oats are the ideal breakfast for when you like to sleep in. Prepared the night before, they become perfectly moist when put in the fridge to rest overnight. Leaves you with more time to dream. Like, say, of this recipe.

Glutenfree Muesli
Your Favourite Muesli:
Free of Gluten but Full of Flavor
Don't fret if you're intolerant and try our glutenfree mueslis instead. Whether you like things exotic or festive: find your perfect match and let nothing stand between you and your favorite breakfast dish!

Celebrate International Friendship Day with a Muesli Brunch!
Celebrate International Friendship Day on July 30 with your best breakfast friends and invite them over for an epic Muesli Brunch! Here's how to pull all the stops

Very Berry! Summer calls for fruity breakfasts
Red, pink, purple – our favourite berry colours that pop out at you from every bush, garden, field or fruit isle in the supermarket, practically begging you to put them into your muesli bowl. Here’s the scoop on berries.

Spotlight on Heritage Grains:
As part of our portrait series on our Verival Heritage Grains, let us present to you Spelt, the ultimate oldie.

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Vegan Breakfast Snacks for on the Go
Be prepared when hunger strikes with our healthy vegan snacks for on the go!

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Carrot Cake 7 Ways for your Easter Breakfast
Make your easter brunch a hit with these 7 tasty carrot cake inspired breakfast recipes we gathered for you online.

Should You Have Breakfast:
Yes or No?
The life-long question. Should you have breakfast? Let us clear things up a bit.

From the VERIVAL-Shop

Chia seeds


200 Gramm

2.99 €


Granola with Blueberries


375 Gramm

5.49 €


Mango & Physalis Porridge


450 Gramm

4.99 €



Muesli Fondue Hits the Spot at Brunch with Friends
Fondue is what is served on Christmas Eve or New Year's? You're not in the mood for some heavy cheesy meal and a chocolate fondue is to sweet for your taste? Try our Muesli Fondue instead!
Edible Breakfast Art
A new take on still life photography: with her great eye for detail the young German student Lena is serving breakfast art of the very finest.
Hangry? Eat a snack,
not your colleagues.
Our Verival Single Portions serve as the perfect First Aid Kit for when low blood sugar is making you want to bite your colleagues head off.
Muesli on a Stick:
Pop Bakery Julie’s Recipe
Julie reveals her recipe for the perfect Cake Pops making you a Muesli Cake Pop Champ in no time.
Verival Leinsaat
Linseed Loves Some Company
We combined the nutritional powerhouses linseed and wheat bran, added some fruit and created the perfect topping for your good-morning recipes. Go crazy!
Vegan Guide:
No (Plant) Milk Today!
The vast majority of breakfast lovers serves their muesli with milk or yoghurt. But what about our vegan friends?
Spotlight on Heritage Grains:
In our first "Spotlight on Heritage Grains"-series you already got to know Rye better. Now this time around, let's hear what Oat has to offer!
15 Valid Reasons to Get Up in the Morning
Five more minutes, please! One more snooze. And one more...
Muesli Balls:
All Set for the Picnic
Muesli balls are the ideal snack to bring to a picnic, a friend's house or to school. Plus, they're perfect to munch on after getting your sweat on and easy breezy to prep!
Spotlight on Heritage Grains:
In the following weeks, we would like to formally introduce you to our Verival Heritage Grains. This time, let's give it up for Rye, everyone!
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8 Tipps for a Romantic Start to Your Valentines Day
The perfect Valentines Day starts with a romantic morning spent together. We gathered a few tipps for you to have an even more beautiful start to this special day with your dearest.

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