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Lavender Lemonade for Mother’s Day
Crisis manager, event planner, storyteller, tearsdrier, encourager… moms, you’re the real deal!

IMG_0564 Kopie
Win a Verival To Go Package!
Whether for a last-minute breakfast on your way to work or a quick energy boost during your afternoon break – our "To Go Package" is just what you need.

Win a Verival breakfast voucher worth 50€
We are raffling a Verival breakfast voucher worth 50€ to be used in our online shop – it’s up to you if you want to give it away as an Easter present or fill up your own muesli supplies ;)

Glutenfree Muesli
Your Favourite Muesli:
Free of Gluten but Full of Flavor
Don't fret if you're intolerant and try our glutenfree mueslis instead. Whether you like things exotic or festive: find your perfect match and let nothing stand between you and your favorite breakfast dish!

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Best of Instagram 2015 – Thank you!
T'was a grand 2015 and we're celebrating it by thanking you all for your amazing pics and snaps showing us your breakfast! Our year in a Best Of Instagram Series.

Catching Cabin Fever
10 x Alpine Charm for Your Home
When you think of Austria you probably think of snow, mountains and evenings spent by the open fireplace with a warming drink in hand. Catch some cabin fever and bring that alpine charm to your home!

Stuart Freeman & Verival @ Creative Mornings Vienna © Creative Mornings Vienna
Good Morning,
Stuart Freeman!
Creative Mornings is a free, monthly breakfast lecture series where creative people meet, network and, of course, have breakfast!

How could anyone even resist?
Autumn in a Bowl
Sometimes you just got to keep it simple. And really: How could anyone even resist this beautiful liason of summer's sweets and autumn's finest?

Edible Breakfast Art
A new take on still life photography: with her great eye for detail the young German student Lena is serving breakfast art of the very finest.

Merry Christmas Breakfast!
Merry Christmas Breakfast!
A good Christmas Morning starts with a delicious breakfast. We collected our top tips on and around the breakfast table for you to share with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!

From the VERIVAL-Shop

Chia seeds


200 Gramm

2.99 €


Granola with Blueberries


375 Gramm

5.49 €


Mango & Physalis Porridge


450 Gramm

4.99 €



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