Good morning from Berlin!

In our new series "Good morning from..." we are going to show you together with our breakfast friends from all around the world our very own favorite breakfast spots. Today we're presenting you our two favorite places for breakfast in trendy Berlin! by Sara Stroj



Only a few steps away from Görlitzer Park, on the inconspicuous Reichenberger Straße 122, you can find the breakfast café Bastard Berlin. The cosy café has turned into a real hotspot for breakfast fans. The menu offers different varieties of eggs (free-range eggs) which are served with delicious homemade bread. We recommend the scrambled eggs with goat cheese and honey or the fried egg on sweet potato and chorizo. Prices are in general very fair and the dishes are all prepared beautifully – almost to pretty to eat! Luckily, the food smells so nicely, that you just can’t help yourself but must dig in!



Reichenberger Str. 122

10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg





A real highlight for all breakfast fans in Berlin is the Breakfast Market at Markthalle Neun, which takes place every third Sunday from 10am – 5pm each month. It’s very difficult to pick one thing to recommend as simply everything that is offered at the Breakfast Market is totally delicious! Just make sure to come hungry and try as much as you possibly can!

What we like especially about the Breakfast Market is that on that day you can shop recipe books as well as handmade cups or whatever your breakfast heart desires! It’s a lovely place to get inspired and to support local businesses.



Eisenbahnstr. 42/42
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

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