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The Verival fact check:
Gluten-free porridge
Our Verival community asked why our new Strawberry & Chia Porridge is gluten-free, as all porridge is supposedly gluten-free anyway. To answer that question we've put together this special blog post to briefly explain the differences in the production processes for gluten-free and conventional products.

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Have breakfast with us on Verival breakfast day!
On the 3rd of September we let the morning never end, as the most beautiful meal of the day needs to be celebrated properly on Verival breakfast day! To find the right breakfast inspiration, we are introducing you to our Verival breakfast day ambassadors!

Need a warm-up?
Our prize competition will warm the cockles of your heart - twice over! Taste your way through our four fruity Porridge varieties and start every winter morning warm and cosy in body and soul.

#Verival Instagrammers of the Month in Berry Heaven
Accompagnied by Heritage Grains Muesli, Crunchy Muesli or Porridge, fresh or dried – Berries were a must in your muesli bowls in June.

Loving Porridge:
our Instagrammers of the Month
Our breakfast friends on instagram made may the month of porridge and shared with ous their most beautiful #verival morning moments. We present you our Instagrammers of the month.

“One person can change a lot”:
Earthtalks for Breakfast
We sat down to have breakfast with the founders and speakers of the Earthtalkes series and took note of some interesting bits and pieces of the conversations.

Verival Porridge Taste & Talk
Last Saturday we invited some of our foodie-friends over for a Porridge Tasting featuring this year’s trends and somewhat of a Porridge world debut. Let us give you a recap of last week’s exciting morning.

“Good morning!” from the International Children’s Games
Last Tuesday, the International Children's Winter Games were kicked off for the 7th time. Bridget from Waterloo is one of the more than 600 young athletes whose love for sports inspired her to come to Austria.

From the VERIVAL-Shop

Chia seeds


200 Gramm

2.99 €


Granola with Blueberries


375 Gramm

5.49 €


Mango & Physalis Porridge


450 Gramm

4.99 €



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