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Good morning from Ljubljana!
In our "Good Morning from ..." series we compare notes with breakfast fans from around the world to reveal our favourite places to have breakfast. Today we discover which breakfast spots in beautiful Ljubljana you shouldn't miss out on when visiting the picturesque city!

Lavender Lemonade for Mother’s Day
Crisis manager, event planner, storyteller, tearsdrier, encourager… moms, you’re the real deal!

Personalized place cards for Easter
No matter if this year’s Easter you’ve invited two or twenty people to come around for breakfast, with a personalized place card your guest will not only find their seats much faster, but they will also feel especially welcome.

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you’re barred!
Smart Start, Date Bites, Early Bird, Energy Mix … Spoilt for choice with all those amazing Verival snacks to pick from? There’s no need to choose! Just mix your favorites all together for some delicious home-made nutty-fruit-bars!

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egg and peas – the breakfast bee’s knees
Savoury porridge for breakfast? You'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner! Blogger Andrea from Fruitysky has a great idea for a brand new porridge creation - and it's so quick and easy you can rustle it up for your breakfast guests in no time at all.

Blackberry Donuts by © namelymarly.com
10 Blackberry Recipes for the Win!
You've had them straight from the bush, on top of your muesli and in your yogurt, but what about pizza, donuts, butter or fruit leather? Here's an extra lesson in all things Blackberries.

10 Tasty Ideas for a Raspberry Morning Routine
Pretty in pink – that's how we like our breakfast in July. Here are some lovely ways to eat Raspberries first thing in the morning this month.

Celebrate International Friendship Day with a Muesli Brunch!
Celebrate International Friendship Day on July 30 with your best breakfast friends and invite them over for an epic Muesli Brunch! Here's how to pull all the stops

Red Currants
10 Delicious Ways to eat Red Currants for Breakfast!
Sour makes you happy and these red currant breakfast recipes definitely will do the same!

Very Berry! Summer calls for fruity breakfasts
Red, pink, purple – our favourite berry colours that pop out at you from every bush, garden, field or fruit isle in the supermarket, practically begging you to put them into your muesli bowl. Here’s the scoop on berries.

From the VERIVAL-Shop

Chia seeds


200 Gramm

2.99 €


Granola with Blueberries


375 Gramm

5.49 €


Mango & Physalis Porridge


450 Gramm

4.99 €



Vegan Overnight Oats Two Ways for your Picnic
These two recipes are mixed together in no time and will make you look forward to your next picnic even more. Filled into colorful screw top jars and decorated with even more tasty ingredients you're set for a cozy open air-breakfast.
Sweeten up mother's day with a vegan breakfast menu
Vegan Pancakes with Maple Syrup for Mother’s Day
On Mother's Day you can totally pile it on! Prepare these vegan pancakes with maple syrup for your mum and make sure to cook enough of them – she will likely ask for a second helping.
Why start your day with a warm breakfast?
Why You should Start Your Day with a Warm Breakfast
How to set yourself up for a perfect start to the day? Try having a warm breakfast and you'll be reaping the benefits immediately. More energy, no hunger pangs, boost to your immune system. What's not to love?
Loni Jane
Good Morning,
Loni Jane!
She's the health inspiration of a generation, plant based foodie, author and mum all at once. Good Morning, Loni Jane!
© Minimalist Baker
Carrot Cake 7 Ways for your Easter Breakfast
Make your easter brunch a hit with these 7 tasty carrot cake inspired breakfast recipes we gathered for you online.
Should You Have Breakfast:
Yes or No?
The life-long question. Should you have breakfast? Let us clear things up a bit.
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Chia-Pudding with Blood Orange & Tangerines
We added some much-needed sunshine to our Chia Pudding by adding fresh seasonal citrus fruits and some snowy coconut flakes and pistachios for a crunchy topping. Instant happiness guaranteed!
Add Sunshine to your Bowl with Citrus Fruits
Oranges, grapefruits, clementines - as a welcome addition to our breakfast they all provide some much-needed color and satiate our longing for fresh fruit in the winter. Let us show you some ways how to incorporate those powerful balls of sunshine into your daily routine!
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Oven-baked Porridge
You don't need much for a warm breakfast: porridge, warm milk or hot water. For a quick morning meal during the week, that is. If you want spruce things up a bit (on the weekend maybe) why not try something different and send your porridge off to a bronzing session.
How could anyone even resist?
Autumn in a Bowl
Sometimes you just got to keep it simple. And really: How could anyone even resist this beautiful liason of summer's sweets and autumn's finest?
Santa’s Favourite Breakfast Treat:
Oven Baked Apples
It's the ideal breakfast for holidays or for freezing winter days when you really don't want to face the cold. Simply turn on your oven and bake them crispy, christmas-y apples!
Muesli Fondue Hits the Spot at Brunch with Friends
Fondue is what is served on Christmas Eve or New Year's? You're not in the mood for some heavy cheesy meal and a chocolate fondue is to sweet for your taste? Try our Muesli Fondue instead!
Porridge with apple and sweet paprika
Cosy Autumn Porridge With Apple & Paprika
Sounds weird, tastes all the more delicious. This creamy, steamy autumn porridge is the perfect breakfast to bring some ease into your morning routine.
International Coffee Day:
Tiramueslisu – Throwback to Summer
We added some chocolaty crunch to the traditional Venetian dessert classic to turn it into our own version of Tiramueslisu in honor of the International Coffee Day. Be advised: make more than you think you need. It's addicting.
Baked Muesli to Kick Off a New School Year
Our VERIVAL Fivegrain flakes don't only fit well into your Muesli Bowl but they also make for a great base in our Back-To-School-Energy-Cookies!
Start Your Day Right With a Warm Porridge
Porridge is an all-time favourite on the British Islands and slowly but steadily it is winning over more and more breakfast lovers all over the world.
A Breakfast Friends’ Recipe:
Summery 5-grain Flakes Overnight Oats
We always love receiving creative recipes from our breakfast friends from all over the world. This one is particularly delicious so we really couldn't keep it just to ourselves. Enjoy!
Vegan Guide:
No (Plant) Milk Today!
The vast majority of breakfast lovers serves their muesli with milk or yoghurt. But what about our vegan friends?
Merry Christmas Breakfast!
Merry Christmas Breakfast!
A good Christmas Morning starts with a delicious breakfast. We collected our top tips on and around the breakfast table for you to share with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!
Up Your Desk Breakfast Game x 9
Transform your work desk into a breakfast place ready to serve you with delicious food. By following these tips we promise you won’t be late for work anytime soon.

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