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Good morning from Vienna!
In our "Good Morning from ..." series we compare notes with breakfast fans from around the world to reveal our favourite places to have breakfast. Today we discover what culinary delights the Austrian capital has to offer aside from the classic "Viennese breakfast".

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The Verival fact check:
How is cereal made into flakes?
The key to a good muesli lies in the flakes. But how are they actually made? How does the cereal grain become a flake? We provide the answers to this and other questions in today's Verival fact check.

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Good morning from Amsterdam!
In our new series "Good morning from ..." we're going to show you together with breakfast friends from all around the world our very own favorite breakfast spots. Keep on reading to find out where we love to have breakfast in Amsterdam!

Good morning from Paris!
In our new series "Good morning from ..." we're going to show you together with breakfast friends from all around the world our very own favorite breakfast spots. Keep on reading to find out where we love to have breakfast in wonderful Paris!

Good morning from Valencia!
In our new series "Good morning from..." we are going to show you together with our breakfast friends from all around the world our very own favorite breakfast spots. Keep on reading to find out about our favorite place for breakfast in beautiful Valencia!

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The future looks bright with Verival heritage grains!
Today we're presenting you short portraits of the different heritage grains used in our mueslis. Find out more about emmer wheat, rye, spelt, yellow oats, einkorn wheat and our very own Verival wheat.

Good morning from Berlin!
In our new series "Good morning from..." we are going to show you together with our breakfast friends from all around the world our very own favorite breakfast spots. Today we're presenting you our two favorite places for breakfast in trendy Berlin!

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The Verival fact check:
freeze-dried berries
If you've already tried our berry mueslis, you'll know that we nearly always use freeze-dried berries. But what does freeze-dried actually mean? Today we bring you the facts!

The Verival fact check:
Linseeds, chia seeds, psyllium husk or hemp seeds … our Toppings are packed with these little nutritional wonders! The different seeds have many health benefits that turn your muesli or porridge into a real power breakfast!

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Here we show you how you can easily make your own zero waste foodwraps made from beeswax as the ideal alternative to plastic containers, cling film and tin foil.

From the VERIVAL-Shop

Chia seeds


200 Gramm

2.99 €


Granola with Blueberries


375 Gramm

5.49 €


Mango & Physalis Porridge


450 Gramm

4.99 €



Top 3 Reasons for Overnight Oats + 1 Very Berry Recipe
Overnight Oats are the ideal breakfast for when you like to sleep in. Prepared the night before, they become perfectly moist when put in the fridge to rest overnight. Leaves you with more time to dream. Like, say, of this recipe.
Healthy muesli muffins:
have a guilt-free treat
We have come up with another highlight for your Easter Breakfast: for all of you who have a sweet tooth but still try to live healthy we have created a special guilt-free breakfast muffin recipe.
Granola Bird Nests for Easter
Only six ingredients are needed to create this yummy highlight for every Easter breakfast.
Personalized place cards for Easter
No matter if this year’s Easter you’ve invited two or twenty people to come around for breakfast, with a personalized place card your guest will not only find their seats much faster, but they will also feel especially welcome.
The Easter countdown has started!
Every great Easter Breakfast starts with a warm invitation, as there is nothing more beautiful than spending the holidays with your family and friends!
The Right Wake Up Call for Every Type of Morning Person
Especially now that the sun probably won’t be up when you are in the morning, waking up can be quite tough. So let us introduce you to the best and funniest alarm clocks which will help you get out of bed in no time.
Back to work:
Our Good Morning Essentials in September
Get back to work effortlessly with the right breakfast essentials and selected accessories to brighten up your office morning.
Simone from foodquotes.nl © private
Simone’s 3 Favourite Breakfast Hotspots in Eindhoven
In our new blog series breakfast friends from all over the world give away their favorite spots for a good morning. Simone from the Netherlands leads the way with her 3 breakfast insiders' tips for Eindhoven.
Mother Nature Makes The Best Muesli Bowls!
It’s not a long way from your favourite fruit to the perfect bowl of muesli. Use these edible fruit bowls to show off on #VerivalBreakfastDay and save yourself the trouble of doing the dishes, too!
Our Good Morning Essentials for August
These must haves will help you make summer last even longer – whether it’s just for one day or even until September.
@life_full_of have mixed themselves a Verival MixIt full of berries
Mix it Up! Our July Top #verival Instagrammers
Find out what was hot in terms of combinations on your breakfast tables and who created their very own MixIt Muesli for you and them to enjoy in last months’ Instagram scoop.
Have fun snacking this summer!
Best Of Beach & Poolside Summer Snacks
Summer, sun, snacks – let us give you the scoop on which nibbles will withstand everything you’ve got planned this summer.
Picnic done right! The best tips & tricks.
Why wait till the afternoon, if you can grab your picnic blanket and head out early in the morning? We met up with our Verival Breakfast Friends to enjoy an open air brunch talking about what’s hot and what not when it comes to picnicking.
Breakfast To Go:
The Ultimate Guide To Transportation
We all don't want to miss out on breakfast, right? So we take it with us to work, to uni, on the train or out for a picnic. Andrea Lunzer, owner of the package-free store Maß-Greisslerei, knows how to transport muesli, fruit and more the eco-chic way.
Chia - Getrnk & Chiasamen
Everything you always wanted to know about Chia
They sure have made their way into our kitchen cupboards: Chia seeds. But what's the story on those little black seeds? Here's our scoop on the Maya's superfood.
For us it's World Organic Milk Day everyday
Let’s turn World Milk Day into World Organic Milk Day
This year on June 1st we celebrate World Milk Day. Therefore, we got plenty of reasons to have a closer look at the (organic) milk variety on the cooling shelf.
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6 Vegan Breakfast-Accounts to Follow on Instagram
Everyone is talking about vegan breakfast options and, of course, they’re all over Instagram. That’s why wanted to show you 6 vegan Austrian Instagrammers who you should most definitely follow. Go check them out!
Breakfast-y Last Minute Gifts for Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is right around the corner and you still have no idea what you should get your Mum to put a huge smile on her face? Let us present to you 3 DIY gift ideas to show your mum just how much you love her. Big plus: you’ll be able to put them together just in time for the big day!
© About That Food
About that food:
Melina’s wicked vegan World
According to Melina, creator of “About that Food” being vegan doesn’t mean having to give up on beloved things but rather implies discovering a whole new culinary world. Find out what kind of experiences she has made in 2 years as a vegan and which meals will have even anti-vegans begging for seconds.
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Mother’s Day Breakfast – go vegan! Mum won’t know the difference.
Only the best is good enough for your mum, right? So why not spoil her with an all vegan breakfast spread on the 8th of May? We bet she won’t be able to tell the difference.
Laufen in den Dolomiten (1)
Learn to Love to Run in 12 Steps
Katharina Zipser is truly nuts about running. Let the Tyrolean long distance runner give you some tips on how you can learn to love to run and achieve your running goals.
Crunchy or Granola – which will it be?
Muesli is mostly made of flakes and Crunchies are their baked counterpart, right? So what is Granola then? Is it just the American word for Crunchy? Let us illuminate you and suggest some of our favourite combos.
Spring Clean your Breakfast Shelves
Spring is right around the corner so that means it’s time to clean out that breakfast closet and change it up on your Muesli Shelf. Here are our top tips on how to re-organize your breakfast collection and even make it a real eye-catcher.
Plant Milk from Grains & Pseudo Grains
Have you ever made your own plant-based drink before? It’s easier than you think: the AND SOY Plant Milk Maker helps you create your favourite plant-based drink for your morning muesli right there in your own kitchen.
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Vegan Breakfast Snacks for on the Go
Be prepared when hunger strikes with our healthy vegan snacks for on the go!
Let go & enjoy from morning ‘til night at Rote Wand Resort
Walch’s Rote Wand Alpen Sport Resort will meet you with unassuming luxury, culinary highlights directly from the region and a schoolhouse with a history.
Porridge Trends in 2016
Porridge was all the rage in 2015. According to chefs and creative home cooks from all over the world, however, the famous oatmeal has even more to offer than we already know. Let us introduce you to this year’s Porridge Trends.
Kathi & Lena:
Stay motivated to keep Running
Let our beach volleyball pros Kathi and Lena tell you how to stay motivated to go running. Keep at it!
Loni Jane
Good Morning,
Loni Jane!
She's the health inspiration of a generation, plant based foodie, author and mum all at once. Good Morning, Loni Jane!
Should You Have Breakfast:
Yes or No?
The life-long question. Should you have breakfast? Let us clear things up a bit.

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