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Glutenfree Muesli
Your Favourite Muesli:
Free of Gluten but Full of Flavor
Don't fret if you're intolerant and try our glutenfree mueslis instead. Whether you like things exotic or festive: find your perfect match and let nothing stand between you and your favorite breakfast dish!

Almonds – low-cal powernuts
Almongs – Low-Cal Powernuts at the Breakfast Table
Almonds are very popular with athletes, amateur bakers and nut fans in general even though they’re actually not considered nuts. Huh!

Always a Must:
Nuts in the Bowl
Not only are nuts the perfect healthy snack, but they’re also a beloved crunchy add-on when it comes to prepping the ideal bowl of muesli goodness – at least, according to our Verival Breakfast Survey.

Leading Examples on the Year of Soils:
Interview with Sigbert Huber
Engineer Sigbert Huber draws attention to projects that lead by example in sustainable soil management and one project in particular that aims at creating awareness for this important issue amongst children.

Spotlight on Heritage Grains:
In our first "Spotlight on Heritage Grains"-series you already got to know Rye better. Now this time around, let's hear what Oat has to offer!

bowl of breakfast porridge with nuts and milk on white wooden table, top view
Walnuts – the clever Source of Omega-3 in your Museli
You can’t go wrong with walnuts when it comes to nut or trail mixes. They’re a real oldie, but true goldie.

Spotlight on Heritage Grains:
In the following weeks, we would like to formally introduce you to our Verival Heritage Grains. This time, let's give it up for Rye, everyone!

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Chia seeds


200 Gramm

2.99 €


Granola with Blueberries


375 Gramm

5.49 €


Mango & Physalis Porridge


450 Gramm

4.99 €



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