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A good day starts with a good breakfast. But VERIVAL takes its responsibility beyond the breakfast bowl by making sure that both the cultivation process and the careful selection of premium ingredients from organic farming is spot on.




We Love Diversity On and Beyond the Breakfast Table

That is why we try to help ancient grains like einkorn, emmer and spelt, which we use in our Heritage Grains Mueslis, to gather an audience. With our recultivation project, we strive to increase the variety of heritage grains in our product range. This ensures the preservation of biodiversity and helps us offer even healthier and tastier Heritage Grain Products in the future. Like, for instance, our Heritage Grains Mueslis with our VERIVAL Wheat, an ancient grain from our very own contract farming.

On top of that, we chose our business partners with particular care so as to promote further growth of organic farming in Europe and around the globe.

Our Mueslis, Authentic Tyrolean Handcraft

Both high quality ingredients and advanced processing technologies are of great importance to us. Our crew in the Tyrolean Alps works by hand throughout the entire production process including the areas of quality management, mixing of our muesli variations and packaging. Only then can we guarantee for the unique and handcrafted organic products that we so proudly stand for.


Make the Best of Every Day

Based on premium quality ingredients, we aim to develop nutritionally balanced recipes which not only taste great but are also beneficial to your health. By offering our cereals at a fair price and in your favourite stores near you, we try to help you make the best of every single day. The VERIVAL Tiroler Biomanufaktur’s very own organic cereal brand for kids called Yanick & Fee caters to the needs of our little breakfast friends and our broad range of VERIVAL Pronurel products, such as organic snacks, cereals, seeds, condiments, sweeteners as well as convenience products makes putting organic food on the table easy.  At the same time, we are striving to connect organic farmers and breakfast lovers like you. A supply chain can stay fair and transparent only as long as it is of benefit to all parties involved – an issue to which we are fully committed.





We started off wanting to bring healthy, certified organic foods that come with a fair price, to the table. In addition we thought it would be great if our customers could purchase them at their favourite store. The rest is history, as they say:

1984 – Founding

Much derided from the start, our hard work and unique concept have resulted in a broad range of organic products in a rather short amount of time. What organic pioneer Engelbert Perlinger started with his home-produced dry foods in Itter, Tyrol, has turned into a leading Austrian Organic Brand in a matter of just a few years.

1999 – Gernot Langes-Swarovski joins the company

2002 – Engelbert Perlinger leaves the company

2005 – Certification in accordance with the highest International Food Standard (IFS Version 5)

2007 – Rebranding as “VERIVAL”

Since the enormous echo of the organic food boom around the turn of the century, we strive to make our products even more available to the European market. As a result we chose a new look – one that reflects on our long-held corporate values. Based on the Latin VERItas, meaning “truth, authenticity” and “VALore”, meaning “value, importance, the new brand VERIVAL was born.

2008 -New Manufacturing Base in Langkampfen / Tyrol

The careful storage and processing of our precious organic raw materials is one of our top priorities. To meet our own high standards we are proud to have built one of Europe’s most modern production facilities for organic food products.

2012 – Wolfgang Fojtl joins the company, brand realignment

2013 – Brand Relaunch: “VERIVAL – Tiroler Biomanufaktur”

Specializing in the production of high-quality breakfast products and kick off for the VERIVAL Heritage Grain Cultivation Project in the form of contract cultivation.

2014 – Change in Production: Heritage Grains as Muesli-Base

VERIVAL is growing: toasted Mueslis and Porridges are the newest additions to our selected product range.


Quality Management

A Muesli can only be as good as every single ingredient that it consists of. To make sure that only the best of them make it into our products, we perform continuous quality checks on all incoming goods in addition to tests by external laboratories.

The Key Elements of the VERVIAL Quality Management System are:

1. Close Contact with our Suppliers:

  • parntership-based cooperation
  • identification of potential sources of contamination
  • supplier audits (on-site inspection of suppliers’ facilities) and/or visits

2 Testing of our Finished Products:

  • optimised sampling procedures
  • testing of finished products in our in-house laboratory
  • quality testing by external laboratories
  • tasting and visual inspection (sensory checks)

3 Inspection of Incoming Goods at VERIVAL:

  • inspection on delivery
  • checking of packaging material and labelling
  • goods only given clearance if all inspection parameters are met

 4 Continuous Improvement of our Production Process

  • use of premium quality organic raw materials
  • careful processing
  • continuous monitoring by our quality management team


Seals and Certifications

Down to the Very Last Gram

From certified organic cultivation to timely harvesting, delivery, careful processing up to high-quality packaging, storage and distribution: each step in the production chain for premium quality VERIVAL organic foods is documented, transparent and fully traceable.


Premium Organic Quality: Certified and Guaranteed
We stand for pure, natural taste and all-organic quality. That is what we and our certified Organic Quality Labels guarantee.


All of our VERIVAL organic products carry both the international and the German organic quality labels. Download our current certificate here.

IFS Certified
Due to the high standards of our quality management system we are in accordance with the following quality standards:


> IFS 6, IFS spot chek on firms, HACCP. You can download our current certificate here.

Glutenfree Certified

Recommended by the Austrian Society for Celiac Disease.





The VERIVAL Promise

With regard to product management, our own definition of quality exceeds the requirements specified by various quality labels. For this reason we decided to introduce our own VERIVAL Promise. The aim of Our Promise is to raise customer awareness of other nutritional and process-related issues, so as to further promote organic foods.

The VERIVAL Promise means we comply with the following criteria:

  • certified organic, non-gmo farming (exception: Demerara raw cane sugar, Backer’s yeast, Sea salt)
  • multiple internal and external testings (four eyes principle) and independant audits
  • optimal conditions for storing fresh, high-quality raw materials and their careful processing
  • sparing use of sweeteners and consciously foregoing artificial colourings, flavours and preservatives
  • continuously expanding the VERIVAL sustainability programmes by optimising and reducing logistic paths and developping sustainable contract farming


Premium Organic Quality: Guaranteed and Certified



We strongly believe that developing, producing and marketing certified organic foods requires an equally careful, considered approach to the environment, energy and natural resources.

Cutting-edge Premises in the Heart of the Austrian Alps

Since May 2008 VERIVAL BIO’s premium quality products have been manufactured on our new premises in Langkampfen, Tyrol. Comprising 32,000 m², it is one of the most modern facilities of its kind in Europe: a sophisticated pick-by-voice warehouse management system, recent machinery and upgraded equipment set us apart from our competitors, all the while achieving a healthy balance between nature, people and technology.

Optimised Energy Supply

In the process of constructing our new premises special care was taken to ensure that the various single units on the site are built so as to keep the energy consumption required for lighting, refrigeration and heating to a minimum. We also installed an energy recovery unit, which lowers our primary energy consumption and thus reduces harmful substance emissions.

Trade Partners

VERIVAL products are distributed via our online shop and via leading partner food retailers in our main markets of Austria, Germany and Italy. VERIVAL also exports to a further 25 countries worldwide, where it is available at Carrefour, City Super, Spar and Starbucks, among other outlets. We are always on the lookout for new retail and distribution partners around the globe to continue growing our export business. Download the list of our current trade partners here.



VERIVAL – Tiroler Biomanufaktur is one of Austria’s leading manufacturers of organic premium goods. The young brand with its long organic history is part of the Vita+ Naturprodukte GmbH, which evolved from Engelbert Perlinger’s EP Naturprodukte GmbH, founded in 1984, and, in more recent years, under Gernot-Langes Swarovski and Viennese entrepreneur Wolfgang Fojtl. In a modern on-site production facility in Langkampfen, Tyrol, 40 employees combine high quality ingredients – mainly from contract farming and IFS 6 certified – to create unique, hand-crafted breakfast products. The broad range consists of fairly 140 products such as snacks, cereals, seeds, condiments, sweeteners as well as convenience products that are distributed online and via leading LEH partners in Austria, Germany and 25 other export countries.

The brand name stems from the Latin “VERItas”, meaning “truth”, and “VALore”, meaning “value”.

Stay up to date with our newest information and press releases on the Tiroler Biomanufaktur and its VERIVAL products and download our logo, packshots and footage. Download our current certificate here.

For further information and press material please contact:

Lisa Balzer, MA
Head of Communications
+43 664 610 99 01

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From the VERIVAL-Shop

Chia seeds


200 Gramm

2.99 €


Granola with Blueberries


375 Gramm

5.49 €


Mango & Physalis Porridge


450 Gramm

4.99 €