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Win a Verival To Go Package!
Whether for a last-minute breakfast on your way to work or a quick energy boost during your afternoon break – our "To Go Package" is just what you need.
Win a Verival breakfast voucher worth 50€
We are raffling a Verival breakfast voucher worth 50€ to be used in our online shop – it’s up to you if you want to give it away as an Easter present or fill up your own muesli supplies ;)
Granola Bird Nests for Easter
Only six ingredients are needed to create this yummy highlight for every Easter breakfast.
Personalized place cards for Easter
No matter if this year’s Easter you’ve invited two or twenty people to come around for breakfast, with a personalized place card your guest will not only find their seats much faster, but they will also feel especially welcome.
The Easter countdown has started!
Every great Easter Breakfast starts with a warm invitation, as there is nothing more beautiful than spending the holidays with your family and friends!
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you’re barred!
Smart Start, Date Bites, Early Bird, Energy Mix … Spoilt for choice with all those amazing Verival snacks to pick from? There’s no need to choose! Just mix your favorites all together for some delicious home-made nutty-fruit-bars!
Need a warm-up?
Our prize competition will warm the cockles of your heart - twice over! Taste your way through our four fruity Porridge varieties and start every winter morning warm and cosy in body and soul.
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egg and peas – the breakfast bee’s knees
Savoury porridge for breakfast? You'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner! Blogger Andrea from Fruitysky has a great idea for a brand new porridge creation - and it's so quick and easy you can rustle it up for your breakfast guests in no time at all.
Win a Breakfast Set by Hollyaroh!
China in delicate colours made by hand in Austria? Looks like we found ourselves the perfectly matching partner for our muesli! Enter our raffle & win!
The Right Wake Up Call for Every Type of Morning Person
Especially now that the sun probably won’t be up when you are in the morning, waking up can be quite tough. So let us introduce you to the best and funniest alarm clocks which will help you get out of bed in no time.
Back to work:
Our Good Morning Essentials in September
Get back to work effortlessly with the right breakfast essentials and selected accessories to brighten up your office morning.
Glutenfree Muesli
Your Favourite Muesli:
Free of Gluten but Full of Flavor
Don't fret if you're intolerant and try our glutenfree mueslis instead. Whether you like things exotic or festive: find your perfect match and let nothing stand between you and your favorite breakfast dish!
Simone from © private
Simone’s 3 Favourite Breakfast Hotspots in Eindhoven
In our new blog series breakfast friends from all over the world give away their favorite spots for a good morning. Simone from the Netherlands leads the way with her 3 breakfast insiders' tips for Eindhoven.
Mother Nature Makes The Best Muesli Bowls!
It’s not a long way from your favourite fruit to the perfect bowl of muesli. Use these edible fruit bowls to show off on #VerivalBreakfastDay and save yourself the trouble of doing the dishes, too!
© MIchael Zee, @SymmetryBreakfast via Instagram
Share Your Symmetry Breakfast & Win Some More Breakfast Inspo!
Nothing beats having breakfast together – apart from, maybe, having a symmetrical one! We’re giving away the new book on this delicious trend.
Win One of 33 #VerivalBreakfastDay Cereal Boxes! – closed
The Verival Breakfast Day on the 3rd of September is about all things breakfast. Share your Good Morning Ideas with us and win your very own Verival Cereal Box.

From the VERIVAL-Shop

Chia seeds


200 Gramm

2.99 €


Granola with Blueberries


375 Gramm

5.49 €


Mango & Physalis Porridge


450 Gramm

4.99 €


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