Good morning from Paris!

Good morning from Berlin!
In our new series "Good morning from..." we are going to show you together with our breakfast friends from all around the world our very own favorite breakfast spots. Today we're presenting you our two favorite places for breakfast in trendy Berlin!
Win a lovely picnic hamper + Verival breakfast package
We're excited beyond words that summer has now officially started and that's why we're giving away a sunny outdoor breakfast package!
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The Verival fact check:
freeze-dried berries
If you've already tried our berry mueslis, you'll know that we nearly always use freeze-dried berries. But what does freeze-dried actually mean? Today we bring you the facts!
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Win a lovely milk jug for World Milk Day!
Happy World Milk Day everybody! Because we know that nothing goes along better with muesli than your favorite kind of milk, we’re celebrating this curious holiday by giving away a lovely milk jug + Verival breakfast package!
Winn a cute box for your favorite Verival topping!
What makes a great muesli even better? All three Verival toppings!
The Verival fact check:
Linseeds, chia seeds, psyllium husk or hemp seeds … our Toppings are packed with these little nutritional wonders! The different seeds have many health benefits that turn your muesli or porridge into a real power breakfast!
Win a Verival breakfast package + urban gardening set for edible petals
The last days of frost risk are coming to an end - perfect time to start with your gardening projects!
Lavender Lemonade for Mother’s Day
Crisis manager, event planner, storyteller, tearsdrier, encourager… moms, you’re the real deal!
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Here we show you how you can easily make your own zero waste foodwraps made from beeswax as the ideal alternative to plastic containers, cling film and tin foil.
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Win a Verival To Go Package!
Whether for a last-minute breakfast on your way to work or a quick energy boost during your afternoon break – our "To Go Package" is just what you need.
Top 3 Reasons for Overnight Oats + 1 Very Berry Recipe
Overnight Oats are the ideal breakfast for when you like to sleep in. Prepared the night before, they become perfectly moist when put in the fridge to rest overnight. Leaves you with more time to dream. Like, say, of this recipe.
Healthy muesli muffins:
have a guilt-free treat
We have come up with another highlight for your Easter Breakfast: for all of you who have a sweet tooth but still try to live healthy we have created a special guilt-free breakfast muffin recipe.
Win a Verival breakfast voucher worth 50€
We are raffling a Verival breakfast voucher worth 50€ to be used in our online shop – it’s up to you if you want to give it away as an Easter present or fill up your own muesli supplies ;)
Granola Bird Nests for Easter
Only six ingredients are needed to create this yummy highlight for every Easter breakfast.
Personalized place cards for Easter
No matter if this year’s Easter you’ve invited two or twenty people to come around for breakfast, with a personalized place card your guest will not only find their seats much faster, but they will also feel especially welcome.
The Easter countdown has started!
Every great Easter Breakfast starts with a warm invitation, as there is nothing more beautiful than spending the holidays with your family and friends!
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you’re barred!
Smart Start, Date Bites, Early Bird, Energy Mix … Spoilt for choice with all those amazing Verival snacks to pick from? There’s no need to choose! Just mix your favorites all together for some delicious home-made nutty-fruit-bars!

From the VERIVAL-Shop

Chia seeds


200 Gramm

2.99 €


Granola with Blueberries


375 Gramm

5.49 €


Mango & Physalis Porridge


450 Gramm

4.99 €


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Win 4 Muesli Bowls by Hannibal including a Verival Breakfast Set!
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